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    Warm congratulations to the establishment of the trade union committee of Changsha Granken Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Column:Company News Time:2019-07-12 Browsing volume: 470

    On July 9, 2019, the Changsha County Federation of Trade Unions officially approved the establishment of the Changsha Granken Machinery Co., Ltd. trade union in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Trade Union Law and the Chinese Trade Union Constitution. year.

    The establishment of a trade union organization is a major event in the political and economic life of a company. The establishment of the labor union of Changsha Granken Machinery Co., Ltd. will combine the actual situation of the company's reform and development, fully protect the rights and interests of employees, build a harmonious labor relationship, and strengthen the cohesion and sense of belonging of employees.

    In the hot summer season, the company's labor union actively organized activities such as employees' birthday dinners, shifts to avoid summer heat and encourage employees to go out to study, etc., and received praise and recognition from the company's employees. The follow-up will also continue to implement the employees' annual physical examination, festival welfare and other work, creating a harmonious, warm and good working environment for employees, truly playing the role of the union and bridge, promoting the coordinated development of the company, and creating Changsha Granken Machinery The new situation of company union work.

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