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    Granken's shot blasting machine improvement
    Column:Company News Time:2019-08-16 Browsing volume: 520

    The company's main product is a car suspension chassis frame. The company's shot blasting machine has been in use for nearly ten years. The equipment is seriously aging, the efficiency is low, and the shot blasting effect is poor. As the OEM's requirements for output and quality are getting higher and higher, the frame shot blasting machine is already unable to handle it.

    Entrusted by the company, Granken Company upgraded the shot blasting machine. After confirming the original parameters of the frame shot blasting machine and performing three-dimensional simulation at the same time, we performed a secondary design, redesigned the main body of the shot blasting machine, and replaced 12 shot blasting machines of the frame shot blasting machine. At the same time, the walking speed of the workpiece was doubled (3 meters / min). After repeated tests and constant adjustments, the original technical requirements were finally reached, and the shot blasting effect reached Sa2.5. Meet the supporting technical requirements. During the process of upgrading the shot blasting machine, the customer's production tasks were tight and could not affect production. Granken was close to the customer's production department. According to the customer's production order, the downtime was adjusted in a timely manner. The improvement project of the frame shot blasting machine was completed in four times, and the work was rushed day and night without affecting the company's production. The project ended perfectly and received unanimous praise from customers.

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