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    Changsha Granken: Ten years of sheet metal surface treatment technology
    Column:Company News Time:2019-09-20 Browsing volume: 533

    10 years ago, Granken Machinery (formerly known as Xixiang) undertook the SANY Heavy Industry Sheet Pretreatment Line project. It took 4 months from design to production and installation and commissioning. The first start-up process of steel plates attracted more than 10 Sany technical, quality and production management personnel. The first steel sheet has a surface treatment level of Sa3.0 (total quality inspection report), and it has passed the acceptance upon startup. Today the device still plays a major role in the field. The main configuration and parameters of the equipment are as follows: the thickness of the steel plate is 3-8mm, the width is 1800mm, the length of the steel plate is 12m, the processing speed is 5-7m / min, the material is automatically loaded and unloaded, and the shot blasting and painting are completed in one shot. Based on this, after years of continuous technical research and development, the company's equipment has been able to handle 0.3mm stainless steel plates without deformation, which has won praise from customers.

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