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    Hard work and prosperity, National Day Zoomlion shot blasting machine transformation completed successfully
    Column:Company News Time:2019-10-08 Browsing volume: 489

    At the National Day, our company advocates hard work and prosperity. From October 1st to October 5th, through careful organization and scientific arrangement, a major upgrade of Zoomlion's large hook pass-through shot blasting machine was carried out quickly. The project included the replacement of 16 newly designed shot blasting machines. , Remade the installation groove and rearranged the position, adjusted the angle of the shot blaster, and replaced the Mn steel chamber body guard. Under the premise of not affecting the company's production, rush work day and night (5 days and 5 nights, almost overtime overnight), complete the company's requirements with quality and quantity. After the project is completed, the shot blasting machine has a good shot effect, low noise, stable operation, and excellent shot blasting effect, which achieves the final transformation purpose.

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