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    Whether shot blasting machine is new or upgraded
    Column:Company News Time:2019-10-15 Browsing volume: 441

    We understand this problem as follows:

    If the damage of the shot blasting machine is not very serious, most of them can be repaired. At the same time, because the shot blasting machine is a destructive device, it is necessary to maintain it daily and replace the wearing parts in time. Generally, it can be used for a long time.

    Some enterprises need to stop and repair due to the high failure rate or damage of the shot blasting machine, and they want to buy new ones. Even if the company has strong funds, it is necessary to analyze the reasons for equipment damage, such as

    1. Whether there is any defect in the design, manufacture and installation of the equipment.

    2. Whether the operator has violated the operating regulations during use.

    ü 3. Whether to achieve regular inspection and maintenance.

    4. Is the quality of the consumable parts purchased stable and high quality? Can not just look at the price of accessories, but also value the price.

    For some companies that need to improve the quality and efficiency of shot blasting, you can also contact us to adjust the parameters of the shot blasting equipment and replace some parts to achieve the purpose. It is not necessary to purchase a new shot blasting machine.

    In the past 20 years, we have seen through quality improvement and transformation for many companies such as Sany, Zhonglian and Yuanda that all of them have achieved the expected purpose, which not only improves quality efficiency, but also saves a large amount of equipment procurement funds.

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