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    Why Choose Granken Wire Cut Pellets
    Column:Scientific Payoffs Time:2016-04-01 Browsing volume: 450

    First of all, Granken wire cut pellets are made of tire wire, piano wire, and new manganese wire.

    Secondly, the production process of Granken wire cut pellets uses an edger and detaches the tire rubber from the wire through extrusion, rather than using fire, and quite a few factories use fire tyres, which is equivalent to annealing the wire, reducing the hardness and organization. The structure has changed. The steel wire produced by this scheme has a short life and is easily broken. The service life is only one third of the original. With the method of extrusion, the hardness and appearance of the original tire wire are maintained, and the abrasive is durable. During the steel wire processing, the length measurement is performed once an hour to ensure that the length of the steel wire pellets is uniform as long as possible. The diameter and length of the steel wire are the same to increase the fluidity of the steel wire pellets and prevent the sand blasting machine from blocking the sand.

    Finally, after the Granken wire cut pellets are cut, the surface is cleaned with impurities by a special machine to ensure that the surface of the wire cut pellets is free of impurities and has a bright surface.

    Granken wire cut pellets adhere to the concept of quality first, provide customers with high quality and low price products, and strive to reduce the use costs for customers, improve the quality of surface treatment, thereby helping customers improve product competitiveness.

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