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    Enterprise tenet: customer first, credit standing, excellent quality and service.

    Business philosophy: relying on staff management of enterprises, relying on science and technology to improve quality, win the market by quality, and promote development by innovation.

    Team consciousness: I rely on the enterprise to survive, and the enterprise depends on me to develop.

    Enterprise style: truth-seeking, pragmatic, diligent and efficient.

    Professional ethics: dedication and loyalty.

    Corporate image: technological innovation, management innovation, service innovation.

    Quality policy: advanced technology, scientific management, high quality engineering and products, good faith, good service.

    Enterprise belief: to do the road of innovation, to seek the development plan, and to write a brilliant chapter.

    Business strategy: talent strategy, brand strategy, innovation strategy, market development strategy.

    Enterprise environment: harmonious internal relations and concerted efforts of the whole plant; smooth external relations, wish me development in all directions.

    Enterprise philosophy: people oriented management, quality oriented service, hard work style and high efficiency

    Enterprise values: never satisfied, strive to be first-class, improve self, and develop continuously.

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