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    Granken service system

    Gelanken has a perfect customer service system to provide customers with professional, high-quality, timely and comprehensive services in the whole process of pre-sale, in sale and after-sale. It always adheres to the service concept of putting customer interests first:

    1. Pre sales service:

    (1) in the early stage of equipment project design, understand the product process requirements, customer's design suggestions, use requirements, etc. in detail, and carry out professional design to ensure that the safety, applicability and reliability of the scheme meet the customer's requirements.

    (2) under the premise of full consideration of safety, applicability and economy in the process of equipment design, according to the production demand of customers, the optimal design scheme shall be adopted to try to meet the production requirements of safety, efficiency, environmental protection and energy conservation of customers.

    (3) before signing the contract, make the necessary design description for the design scheme to the customer, so that the customer can understand the equipment design in detail before signing the contract, so as to facilitate decision-making.

    2. In sale service:

    (1) when signing the contract, provide detailed, true and accurate technical documents and data according to the customer's requirements, so that the customer can effectively supervise and manage the project progress in the process of equipment installation and construction.

    (2) after the contract is signed, actively cooperate with the overall project progress of the customer, obey the overall scheduling of the customer's project, complete the installation and commissioning of the equipment with quality and quantity guaranteed within the period specified in the contract, and submit it to you for acceptance on schedule.

    (3) in the process of equipment installation and commissioning, strengthen the on-site management to ensure safe and civilized construction and meet the 6S management specification.

    (4) after the installation and commissioning, the training services are as follows:

    ① provide on-the-job training for customers until they can master the equipment operation.

    ② carry out equipment maintenance training for the customer until the customer can master the basic troubleshooting.
    ③ provide complete factory documents to customers.
    ④ prepare standard operating procedures for customers.

    (5) after the completion of equipment installation, acceptance and settlement, we will submit the product certificate and operation instruction.

    3. After sales service:

    1. Equipment quality assurance: one year from the date of equipment acceptance is the free warranty service period (except for vulnerable parts, which shall be compensated and replaced if they fail to reach the service life). After the expiration of the warranty period, provide life-long and timely maintenance service, and only charge material cost.

    2. After sales service guarantee: after receiving the call for after-sales service, the after-sales service technician shall respond within 15 minutes, and if it really needs on-site maintenance, it shall be solved in place within 48 hours.

    3. After sales line: 0731-82716163 18670390288

    4. The company has established complete equipment files for customers, and conducts regular return visits every year to understand the use of equipment. Timely standardize the use behavior and put forward suggestions for equipment operation and maintenance.

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