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    Products > Shot Blasting > Shot blasting

    Shot blasting

    Shot blasting machine equipment is mainly composed of shot blasting machine, wear-resistant rubber ring belt, auger, lifting, separator, feed conveying, dust remover, and cleaning machinery.

    1. During the shot blast cleaning machine, try to put more workpieces in the shot area, so that it can improve the cleaning efficiency and reduce the wear of the guard plate and increase its service life.

    2. In the case that the workpiece cannot be increased, the directional sleeve should be adjusted so that the projected steel shot is projected on the workpiece as much as possible, which can also increase the life of the shield and reduce its wear.

    3. ① The dust removal system should adjust the gates of the branch pipes to make the wind distribution reasonable and enhance the dust removal effect. ② The dust collector should ensure regular dust removal.

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