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    Products > Water Dust Removal > Water dust removal

    Water dust removal

    Water precipitator is a device that makes dust-containing gas in close contact with liquid (usually water), uses the inertia collision of water droplets and particles, and other functions to trap particles or enlarge them. It is a device that separates dust from flue gas. Called dust collector or dust removal equipment. The performance of the dust collector is expressed by the amount of gas that can be processed, the resistance loss when the gas passes through the dust collector, and the dust removal efficiency. At the same time, the price, operation and maintenance costs, length of service life and ease of operation and management of the dust collector are also important factors to consider its performance. The purpose is that the dust collector is a commonly used facility in boilers and industrial production.

          Principle: After the dust-containing gas enters the equipment from the air inlet on the top of the equipment, it passes through the cyclone separator at high speed, so that the dust-containing gas is adjusted to rotate downwards along the axis, and the centrifugal force is used to remove coarse particles of dust, which effectively controls the entry of the electric field. Initial dust concentration. Then, the gas enters the electric field to work through the lower ash bucket. Because the lower ash bucket's cross-sectional area is several times larger than the inner pipe's cross-section, according to the principle of constant rotation moment, the radial wind speed and axial wind speed are sharply reduced to produce a zero-speed interface. The heavy particles of dust settle in the lower ash hopper, which reduces the dust concentration entering the electric field. The low-concentration dust-containing gas is condensed on the anode and cathode plate by electric dust collection, and the collected dust is discharged by the air lock after being shaken by dust cleaning. The ash device is transported away. In order to prevent the secondary dust generated in the lower ash hopper after the inner tube whirl and the electric field plate vibrating, an isolation cone is set in the lower ash hopper.

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