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    Products > Workshop Dust Treatment > Workshop dust treatment

    Workshop dust treatment

    Dust treatment equipment is a kind of dust management equipment, also known as pulse bag dust removal equipment! It is a dust removal device that uses bag filter elements made of fiber braids to capture solid particles in dust-containing gas. Its working principle is that dust passes through the filter cloth fibers due to inertia and contacts with the fibers and is collected on the filter bag The dust is regularly removed by the ash cleaning device and falls into the ash hopper, and then discharged through the ash discharge system.

    Cleaning method:

    There are two main cleaning methods: one is mechanical shaking, and the other is backflushing the bag with airflow of different pressure, which can be divided into flue gas backflush and pulsating air backflush.


    Dust processing equipment has the advantages of high processing efficiency, good ash cleaning effect, large processing gas volume, small maintenance workload, and safe and reliable operation.

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