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    Products > Shot blasting Machine > Dàxíng bèng chē pāo wán jī 7/5000 Large pump truck shot blasting machine

    Dàxíng bèng chē pāo wán jī 7/5000 Large pump truck shot blasting machine

    product manual:

       This machine is suitable for surface shot blasting of various parts of large pump trucks. It is also suitable for metallurgy, mining, chemical machinery and other industries.

    This machine is composed of main chamber body, lifting device, hook device, shot blasting system, shot blasting system, electrical control device, dust removal equipment, etc.

    特点 The machine is characterized by fixed-point shot blasting, and the cleaning effect is remarkable. The steel structure or steel is sent into the projectile area of the cleaning machine room by the hook device, and the sides of the body are struck and rubbed by the strong and dense projectiles from different coordinate directions, so that the oxide scale, rust layer and dirt thereon Quickly falling off, the surface of the steel will obtain a smooth surface with a certain roughness, which can enhance paint adhesion and remove steel stress.

    We apply shot blasting technology to achieve the purpose of rust removal and strengthening, because shot blasting is still the most economical and reliable method in the world.

    Device parameters:

        power:200kwSwing diameter:?4.2mDust removal air volume:30000m3/h
    Object: Pump tankDust removal efficiency:99.99%Custom processing: Yes
     Type: Hook type   model:GQ3760  Shot Blast:300kg/min x7
        Specifications: Call for detailsBrand: Granken Deadweight:10000kg
    Attribute: attribute value

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