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    Products > Shot blasting Machine > Sheet pretreatment shot blasting machine

    Sheet pretreatment shot blasting machine

    Device Description:
    This machine is suitable for shot blasting and paint pretreatment of steel plates with a thickness of 1.6 ~ 6mm and various small materials. It is an indispensable equipment in the container automobile industry, and also suitable for metallurgy, mining, chemical machinery and other industries.
    This machine is composed of main room body, front roller table, shot blasting system, soot blowing device, electrical control device, automatic paint spraying machine and room body, drying system, lower roller table, device, dust removal equipment, etc.
    This machine is characterized by continuous shot blasting. Continuous automatic painting and drying. high productivity.
    The shot blasting device is provided with 16 shot blasting machines, which are symmetrically distributed up and down. The shot blasting force is uniform and the cleaning effect is remarkable.

    Technical parameters of shot blasting system:

    Workpiece sizemm12000x1800x1.6-6
    Feed opening sizemm2200x400
    Roller distancemm350-500
    Roller speedm/min0-10m/min
    Shot Blastkg/min8x270
    Hoist lifting capacityt/h150
    Hoist powerkw13
    Total power of shot blasting systemkw≈450

    Description of automatic paint drying system:
    (1) Compressed air consumption 0.3 ~ 2.5 M3 / min (2) Transmission power 1.1KW × 2 sets (3) Imported GRACO45: 1 airless sprayer, automatic spray gun (user prepared)
    (2) Dimensions L × W × H 10M × 2.3M × 1.3M (2) 200 ~ 300,000 kcal electric heat exchanger.
    (3) GW-6C fan 11KW (4) drying fan 4 × 0.37KW

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