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    Products > Shot blasting Machine > Large hook self-propelled structure line

    Large hook self-propelled structure line

    product manual:

    The large hook shot blasting machine is suitable for the surface cleaning or strengthening treatment of large and medium-sized castings, forgings, and plate-shaped structural parts in the chemical, casting, construction, machinery and other industries.
    This machine is characterized by continuous pass type shot blasting, high production efficiency and significant cleaning effect. The steel structure or steel is sent into the projectile area of the cleaning machine room by the hook device, and the whole body is hit and rubbed by the strong and dense projectiles from different coordinate directions while passing through, so that the oxide scale, rust layer thereon and The dirt quickly falls off, and the steel surface has a smooth surface with a certain roughness, which can enhance paint adhesion and remove steel stress.

    We apply shot blasting technology to achieve the purpose of rust removal and strengthening, because shot blasting is still the most economical and reliable method in the world.

    Device parameters:

    Type: Hanging
    Power:200kwPrinciple: MechatronicsDust removal air volume:28000m3/h
    Function object: large plate structureDust removal efficiency:99.99%Custom processing: Yes
    Type:GQ3720Specifications: Call for details
    Uses: manufacturing processingBrand: Granken

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