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    Products > Shot blasting Machine > Small Shot Blasting Machine

    Small Shot Blasting Machine

    Device Description:

    1. This machine is mainly composed of a chamber body, a turntable, a screw conveyor, a separator, a hoist, a blast conveying device, a shot blaster, a dust removal system and other parts. Equipped with two high-speed rotating shot blasting machines, which eject the projectiles at a high speed against the workpiece rotating on the turntable. When the workpiece is turned out of the chamber, the cleaning effect can be directly seen, and a new workpiece can be replaced at the same time.
    2. The rotation of the rotary table drives the scraping of the shot, and the shot sand is sent to the lower part of the hoist through the screw conveyor, and the hoist is separated by the lifter. And the gate for the shot blaster to work continuously.

    The transmission mechanism is a friction wheel driven by a reducer. The friction transmission occurs through a clutch mechanism and the turntable to make the turntable rotate smoothly. When the workpiece is turned out of the room, it can be used to directly turn and adjust the uncleaned workpiece. Different from the difficulty of loading and unloading, come to pull the clutch handle to disengage the friction wheel from the turntable, that is, the turntable stops, the workpiece is adjusted, the position of the handle is changed, and the turntable starts to rotate.

    Feed opening size
    Effective cleaning widthmm80012001500
    Cleaning the length of the workpiece

    Roller conveying speedm/min0.5~40.5~40.5~5
    Cleaning steel plate thicknessmm3~603~601.5~60
    Cleaning profile specifications
    ?16~28П≤20#    ∧≤16#П≤20#    ∧≤16#
    Shot Blastkg/min4x2504x2504x250
    First loadkg200030004000
    Roll brush to adjust heightmm
    Depth below groundmm80016162257
    Total power (excluding dust removal)kw≈78≈78≈78

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