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    Products > Shot blasting Machine > Rotary shot blasting machine

    Rotary shot blasting machine

    This series of shot blasting equipment is used to clean and strengthen the surface of steel structures and castings. It is more suitable for the surface rust removal of thick rigid embryos and the surface oxide scale. It is widely used in the casting, forging, machinery, and steel industries. The shot blasting machine is mainly composed of a chamber body, a turntable, a screw conveyor, a separator, a hoist, a shot conveying device, a shot blasting device, and a dust removal system. Equipped with two high-speed rotating shot blasting machines, which eject the projectiles at a high speed against the workpiece rotating on the turntable. When the workpiece is turned out of the shot blasting machine room, the cleaning effect can be directly seen, and new workpieces can be replaced at the same time. The shot blasting machine is driven by the rotation of the turntable to rotate the scraper, and the shot sand is sent to the lower part of the shot blasting machine elevator through the screw conveyor, and then the separator is separated by the lifter. The shot blaster is continuously operated through the shot tube and the gate.

    DimensionsWorkpiece size
    Turntable diameter?1200mm?1600mm?2500mm
    Turntable speed0.36r/min0.36r/min0.36r/min
    Maximum load200kg600kg1000kg
    Hoist lifting capacity20t/h25t/h29t/h
    Total ventilation1200m3/h250m3/h03456m3/h
    Shot blasting160kg/minx2240kg/minx2240kg/min x2

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