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    Products > Green Facilities > Catalytic combustion equipment

    Catalytic combustion equipment

    Equipment advantages:

    1. Convenient operation: realize automatic control when the equipment works

    2. Low energy consumption: It only takes 15-30 minutes for the device to start to heat up to the light-off temperature (when the concentration of organic waste gas treatment is high). The energy consumption is only the fan power

    3. Safe and reliable: The equipment is equipped with fire resistance system, explosion-proof pressure relief system, over-temperature alarm system and advanced automatic control system.

    4, small resistance, high purification efficiency: using today's advanced precious metal palladium, platinum impregnated honeycomb ceramic carrier catalyst, large specific surface area

    5. The waste heat can be reused: the waste heat can be returned to the drying tunnel to reduce the power consumption in the original drying tunnel; it can also be used as a heat source in other aspects.

    6, small footprint: only 70% -80% of similar products in the same industry, and no special requirements for equipment foundation

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