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    Products > Heating Furnace Series > Heating furnace

    Heating furnace

    The heat pipe type gas hot blast stove of a drying room includes a heating furnace chamber body, which is divided into a combustion zone and a heat exchange zone. A burner is installed on one side of the combustion zone, and another side is provided on the other side of the combustion zone. Smoke outlet, cold air inlet and hot air outlet are respectively installed on both sides of the heat exchange area, and a centrifugal fan is installed on one side of the hot air outlet, which is characterized in that between the combustion area and the heat exchange area There are several heat pipe heat exchangers. The heat pipe heat exchanger includes an evaporation section, a condensation section, and an adiabatic section located between the two. The evaporation section is arranged in the combustion zone and the condensation section is arranged in the heat exchange zone. A liquid wick is provided on the outer surface of the heat pipe heat exchanger, and a number of fins are provided on the outside of the liquid wick. The advantages of this product are simple structure, clever design, and superconducting heat transfer based on the phase change of evaporation and condensation of the liquid working medium inside itself. It has high heat transfer coefficient, uniform temperature distribution, rapid thermal response, compact structure, and economical. Energy and other advantages.

    The heat burned by the natural gas burner is sent to the air duct of the cabinet through the circulating fan, enters the working room, and after heat exchange with the workpiece, it returns to the heating chamber through the return air duct. This repeats the cycle so that the temperature of the heating chamber reaches the process requirements Temperature, the intelligent instrument controls the flame size of the burner by detecting the temperature of the cabinet, so as to keep the temperature stable.

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