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    Products > Spray Paint > Pretreatment equipment

    Pretreatment equipment

    Steel pretreatment equipment is used for the pretreatment of various types of plates and profiles, thereby improving the quality and added value of steel produced by steel mills. In marine engineering projects such as the construction of ships and drilling platforms, the steel size is even more demanding. This also poses a considerable challenge to various surface treatments, because a large number of steel plates and special profiles need Pre-assembly activities such as high-quality and efficient cleaning, cutting, welding and painting before assembly. Surface treatment as a program is completed on the pretreatment line, which is a process that combines shot blasting, primer coating and drying. After this process, the steel plates and profiles are thoroughly blast cleaned, and at the same time, a temporary anti-corrosion coating can be sprayed. Of course, in addition to external conveying equipment, the pretreatment line also includes a preheating furnace, a continuous-through shot blasting machine, a paint booth, and a mobile grate with a drying tunnel. In steel, the feeding area provides a cross conveyor system, which can allow uninterrupted loading and unloading of materials and effectively avoid material collision damage.

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