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    Products > Spray Paint > Spray booth

    Spray booth

    Principle and structure of spray painting room: The entire spray-baking room is a modular structure. The room body adopts plug-in insulation plastic spray wall panels, which has good sealing and thermal insulation performance. The aluminum alloy edge door is equipped with an observation window in the center of the door, which can be observed at any time. The room is dynamic; there are working doors on the side of the room for easy access for workers, high-quality stainless steel heat exchangers, high heat exchange efficiency and long service life; imported filter cotton, low noise and high air volume fans are used to ensure the perfectness of the painting effect. The spray booth provides: (1) a clean working environment; (2) fully collecting paint mist. The spray booth can be configured in various ways according to the size, shape, weight and production program of the workpiece: open or closed; continuous or intermittent; workpiece rotation or fixed; single-sided spraying And spraying on both sides. Also developed oil curtain spray booth, lower spray booth and so on. The structure should include: air supply filter system, workpiece hanging (conveying, rotation) device, water curtain system, water washing system, air exhaust system, water tank, lighting device and room body.

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