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    Products > Spray Paint > Water curtain spray paint room

    Water curtain spray paint room

    The water curtain spray booth is used for spraying liquids. When paint is sprayed, the paint mist is restricted, the operating conditions are improved, and the excess paint is separated from the air to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

    Its working principle: part of the paint liquid is adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece during painting, and part of the paint liquid is dispersed in the air in a mist form to pollute the operating environment. In order to prevent paint mist from overflowing, the spraying room must have a certain negative pressure and directional airflow. Therefore, a ventilation system is set opposite the operating position. In order to prevent paint liquid from adhering to the equipment, the inlet end of the ventilation system is protected by a water curtain. The mixture with water mist enters the paint water vapor separation system, which exhausts the air, and the paint and water return to the water tank.

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