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    Products > Pre-treatment > Pre-treatment line

    Pre-treatment line

    1. Through lean optimization design, reduce equipment installation mobility, reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

    2. Use computer control technology to improve the automation and intelligence of pre-processing equipment. Such as automatic measurement and recording of process parameters (operating conditions), automatic monitoring, feeding adjustment, equipment failure warning and display.

    3. Improve water-saving technology, cleaning water recycling and comprehensive utilization technology, improve water utilization rate and reduce water consumption per unit processing area (or pieces) to achieve zero emissions. Such as the use of PT-RO, nano-filtration technology to recover washing water recycling technology, water vapor (water mist) recovery device in the exhaust.

    4. Improve and optimize the way of mounting and conveying the processed parts, making the equipment compact. For example, increasing the angle of the workpiece in and out of the tank or rotating it into and out of the tank makes 100% of the internal and external surfaces of the complex workpiece (such as automobile body) complete treatment, and minimizes the amount of liquid (water) between processes, reducing pre-treatment chemicals And water consumption.

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